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Radio DGH broadcasts from our modern studios in the basement of Eastbourne's District General Hospital. They were completely rebuilt in 1999 at the cost of £30,000. This was made possible by a grant of £12,000 from the National Lottery, a donation from the Friends’ of Eastbourne Hospitals and much fundraising by our volunteers. Our studio complex comprises of two studios, imaginatively titled 'Studio 1' (which is our main broadcast studio) and 'Studio 2' (which is used for news, production and other 'non live' purposes), plus our record library, which is far smaller these days than it used to be, partly due to us moving onto a computer playout system, allowing songs to be transfered onto the computer, rather than having to store the CD's and records (yes, we do still have some!).

Studio One
  Studio 1 Panoramic   "The Chair"  
Studio 1 Mixing Desk etc...
Studio Two        

Studio 2 Desk and equipment

  Looking through the window into studio one  
Record Library
Window into the corridor....   ... and the window into Studio One!  
Radio DGH, Eastbourne District General Hospital, Kings Drive, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 2UD
Telephone: 01323 435748 | Email: [email protected] | Twitter: @RadioDGH | Facebook: www.facebook.com/RadioDGH | Registered Charity Number: 291886

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