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Radio DGH broadcasts for twenty hour hours a day, seven days a week, with a mixture of live and pre recorded programmes, as well as an automated output from our Myriad playout system. We do, however, prefer to broadcast live as much as possible! All of our presenters are volunteers. Keep reading to find out more about our team...

Tracy Alexander

Tracey Alexander
Thursday 1800 > 2000

Tracey has been a Presenter on Hospital Radio since she was 17 years old. Although a trained actress, her first love has always been music, and hiding behind a microphone!

Tracey joined Radio DGH 3 years ago. She is also the Head of Recruitment for the Station, and part of the Local News team.

Richard Barnicoat

Richard Barnicoat
"The Golden Hour" : Monday > Friday
1500 - 1600
"Nostalgia Corner" : Saturday 1500 > 1700

I have been doing Hospital Radio since 1984, both at Radio DGH and at other hospitals. I have previosuly been the chairman, head of music and programme controller, as well as other roles at the station. In my spare time, I enjoy watching playing and watching snooker and have had the pleasure of meeting many of the professionals.

Richard likes: Snooker, Gym, Swimming, Discos.
Music wise I like: Queen, Genesis, Paul Mcartney, Elton John…so many more!

Pat Bradley
Monday 1600 > 1800

Pat, in a hat, presents our Monday afternoon show.

Zac Buckley

Zak Buckley
Wednesday 1800 > 2000

Zak currently presents our Wednesday evening show. His love for music first came to the attention of his family at the age of 2 and a half when he kept singing "Mull of Kintyre" by Paul McCartney during his brother's christening.

He started off with a handed down Dansette record player and has probably listened to the first record he bought, "Ghostbusters" by Ray Parker Jr., more times than Ray Parker Jr! He still has a turntable to this day and organizes his vinyl collection first by category and then alphabetically. He is currently single...

Stuart Clack-Lewis

Stuart Clack - Lewis
"The Premium Blend" : Wednesday 2000 > 2200

Stuart presents “The Premium Blend” every Wednesday evening - A full flavour of the 90's and a little bit more. He'll be playing hits and misses released in the 90s from all the different genres, and will also be looking back at what happened through the decade such as films, news events and how general life was.

In his spare time, Stuart enjoys cycling, swimming and is a huge film buff along with listening to music.

Shaun Crowhurst

Shaun Crowhurst
Tuesday 1800 - 2000
Saturday 0900 - 1100

Shaun is currently our programme controller and presents the Tuesday evening show with Rebecca Whitehouse, featuring the famous big quiz, Rebecca’s top 10 and not forgetting the DGH jukebox from 7.

He also hosts ‘Shaun Crowhurst in the morning’ every Saturday from 9am-midday, with the Saturday morning mastermind and the 10 at 10.

Maggie De Monde

Maggie de Monde
"De Monde in De Morning" : Monday > Friday 1000 - 1200

As well as being a successful singer in her own right, Maggie helps with daytime shows and is a dab hand at doing at a top interview.



Bob Eagle

Bob Eagle
"My Kind Of Music" : Saturday 1700 > 1900

Bob is a musician by trade, performing across the south coast with his own solo show. He has also performed in a choir and as a pianist at the Albert Hall, Festival Hall and London's South Bank. He also likes to spend some of his time with his hand up a small pink puppet with his own ventriloquism act.

Bob, being the star he is, was awarded the CBE in 2002.

Martin Etchells

Martin Etchells
Monday 1800 > 2000

As well as being a mathematical wizz and the charity’s treasurer, Martin also presents a top show on a Monday evening.

Mick Funnell

Mick Funnell
"All That Jazz" : Monday 2000 > 2200

Mick presents ‘All That Jazz’ on a Monday evening but enjoys all types of music.

Mick also has this strange obsession with steam locomotives, not the big ones, but small coal-fired replicas running on the Hove Park Miniature Railway.

I suppose, with a name like ‘Funnell’, it was inevitable....!”

Hope Henderson

Hope Henderson
.... will be back soon from maternity leave

My background is the acting profession. I have been working professionally over ten years now. Moving from theatre to Film, and now radio Presenting; which has been a happy home for me for the last year.

I love the chance to share some of the finest Classical Pieces around, as well as trying to introduce some lesser known pieces. So hopefully you will enjoy the show :)

Pam Huggett
Pam Huggett
"Solid Gold Sunday" : Sunday 1730 - 2000
Gary Jackson

Gary Jackson
Sunday 1100 - 1300

Like many radio presenters, Gary started as a mobile DJ. From there he went on to hospital radio, and then onto other local radio stations across the south, plus America and Tenerife!

Gary now presents the sunday lunchtime show on Radio DGH, with music from across the eras - from the present day to the "vintage tunes" - two songs in the style of the 40s and 50s, and “A side B side”.

Harry Lederman

Harry Lederman
"Showtime" : Friday 2000 - 2200

I performed with different amateur dramatic companies for more than 50 years both as an actor and director, having taken my first part in a play at the Toynbee Hall, London at the age of 9. I also appeared in a number of musicals, Fiddler on the Roof, Oklahoma, Hello Dolly, Showboat and Brigadoon and I currently the Chairman of the Friends of the Devonshire Park Theatre.
I also review plays for the Eastbourne Herald. I have a good knowledge of the Theatre and Cinema and I love working with Phil, who I have known for many years.

Rob Marks

Rob Marks
Cover Presenter

Born and raised locally, Rob has previously worked on several local radio stations in Sussex. With a keen interest in current affairs and politics Rob considers himself well informed, although others don’t always agree!
Rob enjoys living in Eastbourne, especially enjoying the seafront and is a huge fan of Eastbourne Borough FC. Considering himself to be a fine conneisuer of single malt whiskies, Rob has a tendency to spend too much money on the stuff instead of his wife and son.

Phil Moon

Phil Moon
"Showtime" : Friday 2000 - 2200

Phil presents Showtime - a great mix of music, from stage and screen, a comprehensive what’s on guide.

He enjoys musical theatre, travel, food and drink and music.

He’s been on hospital radio since the time dinosaurs roamed! and is currently national Chairman of the Hospital Broadcasting Association.

Alan Rowett

Alan Rowett
"The New Music Show" : Saturday 1100 - 1200

Alan presents the New Music Show every Saturday. Each week, he takes a look at the upcoming new releases over the next few weeks.

Alan previously spent 10 years working in independent local radio, and moved onto the BBC, spending 15 years working at Radio 4, The World
Service Music Unit and Radio 1 and 2. He is now an independent producer and record shop owner.

Chris Smith

Chris Smith
"Country Corner" : Thursday 2000 > 2200

Chris presents shows on Radio DGH as and when his other commitments allow. He is the presenter of a weekly Country music show on local community radio station Uckfield FM and is a regular contributor to Country Music People magazine. Chris also runs the Country Music Interest Group for British & Irish Mensa. In the 1970's, Chris worked with many of the top pop names of the day including Mud, Sparks and The Hollies. His other interests include history, travel and pubs.

Richard Smith

Richard Smith
"The A-Z of Pop" : Monday > Friday 0900 - 1000

Richard originally hails from the Nottingham area. He has been working at various hospital radio stations for the last thirty or so years, with Radio DGH being a recent addition to his resumé!

Geoff Stephens

Geoff Stephens
... will be back in the building soon!

My taste in music generally ranges across the whole genre of music, including some classical.

I am a Scorpio born in November 1943, married with three children and have been a presenter on Radio DGH since late 1999.

Hobbies/Interests: Photography, The Weather, Nature and Natural Environment, Solar System and Universe, Touring United Kingdom.

Stuart Tanner
Stuart Tanner
"Stuart's Sunday Smoothies" : Sunday 1500 - 1700
Nicki Watts

Nicki Watts
Sunday 1300 - 1500

Nicki enjoys hosting her own show on a Sunday. She also loves Westlife, God and Skittles!

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