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As the dedicated radio station for Eastbourne's District General Hospital, we try to play as many requests as possible for our listeners, and are not limited to a certain 'playlist' that we cannot stray from, as happens at commercial radio stations.
Each weekday evening, just after 7pm, and at various times across the weekend, we open up the Radio DGH Jukebox and play a selection of requests, either collected around the wards, or emailed / telephoned in.

Your request could be:

  • A single record to be played on the programme. Give us the artist and title and we'll do our best to play it. You may suggest an alternative in case we can't find it
  • A song from your favourite artist - try a lucky dip and we can pick a track for you or,
  • A message to be read out on air.

Remember, you can request a song either if you are in hospital, or if you have a relative, friend or family member in hospital. In some areas, we also have speakers broadcasting us away from the Hospedia units, so you could even find out some of the staff's favourite tunes for their enjoyment too!
Please remember to give us your details, as well as the name and ward of the patient the request is for, and obviosuly the song you would like!

You can get in touch with us using the following methods:

  • If you are in the DGH, simply pick up the phone on the Hospedia unit and press the blue button at the bottom of the keypad. This comes directly to us, and is completely free of charge!
  • If you are in the DGH, but away from a Hospedia unit, we can be called on an internal hospital telephone (please ask staff permisison before use!) on either extension 5748 or 4170.
  • If you are on your mobile phone, or outside the hospital complex, we can be called on (01323) 435748. This is a local rate number, so may even be free if you have inclusive minutes.
  • Contact us online - see our 'Contact Us' page for more details.
Radio DGH, Eastbourne District General Hospital, Kings Drive, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 2UD
Telephone: 01323 435748 | Email: [email protected] | Twitter: @RadioDGH | Facebook: www.facebook.com/RadioDGH | Registered Charity Number: 291886

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